Software Updates - Aug '17

  Description ( Resolved Issues / Enhancements )

[W] edmen_reports - remove statusline display
[S] mpd_system_controls - fixture logic for [T] SYSTEM_CONTROLS

29/08 [S] getenvcolours;;
[S] nv_filter;;
[S] nv_get_celldata;;
[S] nv_get_image;;
[S] nv_get_subset;;
[S] nv_select_active_clients;;
[S] nv_select_active_employees;;
[S] nv_setup_cellstyle;;
[S] nv_setup_columnalignment;;
[S] nv_setup_columnstyle;;
[S] nv_setup_ole_button;;
[S] nv_setup_ole_edittable;;
[S] nv_setup_ole_subclass;;
[S] nv_setup_statusbar;;
[S] nv_setup_treecontrol;;
[S] nv_srpmsg;;
[S] nv_statusbar;;
[S] nv_subset_events;;
[S] nv_tree_images;;
[S] nv_tree_list;;
[S] nvu_import_files_events;;
[S] table_getnextid;;
[W] nv_subset;;
[W] nvu_import_files;;
26/08 [H] Moving to release 9.x, changing shortcut details
23/08 [S] generate_next_number - enhance re-issue processing
22/08 [H] The exceptions report doesn’t make any mention of some shifts being left off and others making it for many employees
[H] Time sheet entry (create rosters from time sheets)
17/08 [S] repref82 - rtc <-> pay_details xref
[S] mpd_reconcile_payrun - cancel payrun, merge into another, reconcile
[S] mpd_tps_clients - load clients (TPS), merge UNITY DB into TPS
[S] mpd_xref_index - source code for indexing xref tables
15/08 [W] superannuation_v2 - remove extraneous button
[S] load_standard_shifts_func - re-write logic
11/08 [W] uncommit_payrun - GUI
06/08 [P] gl_export_format - GUI
[S] nvo_gl_export - DRY function for [T] gl_export
[W] billing_workbench2 - GUI enhancements
[S] nv_tfn_declaration - correct UV relating to UNC pathname
[S] nv_smtp_payslip - correct 'test' email flag
    [new] Bulk importing / loading employee licence / accreditation details