Software Updates - Jul '17

  Description ( Resolved Issues / Enhancements )
31/07 [S] nvt_repos - internal tool to do things with [T] sysrepos*
29/07 [S] nvo_make_test - internal routine to make data test ready (debug)
[S] billing_workbench - index service_invoices prior to processing
[S] select_valid_company - extend logic when returning null company
[S] clear_invoicerun - enhance error msg on no control record found
[W] billing_workbench2 - enhancement to invoice re-processing, post roster changes
[S] billing_workbench2_events - commuter for new window
[S] billing_workbench_sub - enhanced re-processing logic
[S] generate_casual_invoice - support re-processing logic
[S] generate_final_invoice - support re-processing logic
[S] nvo_invoice_gen - 'dry' function to support invoice re-processing
17/07 [W] check_rtc_invoices - cross-verify rosters/invoices
[S] check_rtc_invoices - commuter module for above
[W] tfn_declaration - add option to select export path
[S] tfn_declaration - extend code logic to support path selection
[S] nv_tfn_declaration - pass in extract filename for TFN declaration
[S] group_certificate_print_v20.17- correct email subject line details

[W] billing_cycle_controls - GUI enhancements
[W] billing_workbench1- GUI enhancements
[W] check_rtc_invoices - reconcile roster details to invoices
[W] company_controls - GUI enhancements
[W] email_rosters - GUI enhancements
[W] payroll_workbench - GUI / display enhancements

[S] nvo_paydetails - mask bank account details
[S] nv_set_header_footer - alter font size for header text
[S] payroll_workbench_sub - documentation additions
[S] print_payslip_format2d - mask bank account details
[S] pwb.build_pay_view - enhance display
[S] pwb.traverse_treeview - enhance display
[S] pwb.update_workbench_display - enhance display
[S] repbil04 - extend logic to cross-reference shift / invoice details
[S] validate_rtc_invoice - extend logic

[W] personel_details - correct date display to show yyyy
[W] personal_rates - correct date display to show yyyy
[S] termination_pay_rpt - correct layout
[S] billing_workbench_sub - enhance re-process flow
[P] client_contracts - add billing frequency to display
[P] client_contracts_multi - add billing frequency to display
[I] bill_cycle_ins - document the insert values
[I] invoice_error_lists_ins - add 2 new error lists
[I] invoice_gen_ins - add documentation
[S] clear_invoicerun - document code
[S] extend_invoice_relational - additional call params to sync with raws
[S] invoice_exceptions_report - add new error functionality
[S] generate_casual_invoice - enhance code logic
    [new] Bulk importing / loading employee licence / accreditation details