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Using the scheduling workbench

Changing the Employee Limit
To automatically upgrade your employee limit, follow the procedures outlined below.
  • Save the attachment you received with this email.
  • Using windows explorer, navigate to the location where yousaved the attachment.
  • The file should have an icon similar to the one pictured below.
  • Double click on the file to begin the upgrade process.
  • This will launch a wizard to step you through the upgradeprocess.
  • Follow the defaults by clicking ‘Next’ or ‘Yes’ as appropriate.
  • When you reach the window pictured below, you will need toidentify where your copy of Powerforce is stored.For most people this will be“P:\Revsoft\Oinsight”.If you donot have this directory structure, you will need to look for a directorycalled “Oinsight”.
  • ·   Click the ‘Browse’ button tonavigate to where your ‘Oinsight’ directory lives.
  • ·   Once you have found your‘Oinsight’ directory, click ‘OK’.

    ·   Click ‘Next’ to continue.

    ·   When the window pictured aboveappears, click ‘Continue’.

    ·   When the upgrade is complete,the window below should appear containing similar text to that displayed.If there were any errors with the upgrade,they should appear here.

    ·  Click ‘Next’ one last time and the upgrade will be complete. 

Changing the view(s)



Month to date processing


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