This document outlines how you may redirect report printout to your own physical PC, where your Powerforce is hosted on a remote server.


Remote Hosting

The scenario described here is one where you access your Powerforce through Microsoft Remote Desktop (mstsc), whether in a hosted service environment or into your own office from a remote site.
The configuration of the remote desktop environment is a function on your IT infrastructure & your IT will congfigure the access and resources that you have through your remote connection.



Printing through remote desktop comes in two flavours:

  • Your IT will have configured a link to a physical printer at the location from where you access Powerforce.
  • Save your printed output to a file, and use the file later (this is the scenario described in this document).

Your remote desktop environment

Your remote desktop will have been configured by your IT department to provide various services reflecting what you would have if you were logged in on your own PC.

As an example, having logged in, you can do the regular Microsoft "My computer" functionlity as show here:

Press the Microsoft "Start" icon, and you will see your options similar to above. Press My Computer to view what resources have been made available to you.

In this example, "D on BLACK-DELL" is circled, as that is the physical computer name of my laptop, and "D" is the D drive that I have configured my remote desktop session to have visibility of. Your IT will have done something similar for you, therefore look for the equivalent setup.


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Saving reports out of Powerforce

Run any Powerforce report as you normally would, and when presented with the output review, as in this image, select the little briefcase to see the available options.

Then, select the ".html" option (this will enable the report to be read in through Excel).

Press the "..." against File Name, so that you are presented with the "Save As" dialog as shown below.

Select the entry which points back to your desktop PC (as I've selected here).

Replace the "*" with a valid report name, and press Save. This has now saved your report to your physical PC from which you remotely connected into your service.

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