Remote Attendance Welfare System


The time and welfare management of your staff is assisted by the RAWS module of PowerForce, providing your employees the ability to sign on via a phone call into an IVR managed call center.

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RAWS in itself manages the monitoring of your employee's time and attendance and welfare checking.
The employees themselves are responsible for reporting in to the company operations center. To report their attendance at a site, the emloyee calls into a call center and follows the prepared voice prompts to check in and / or reply to a welfare call.

From the view point of any single site, where there are more than 1 employee at attendance, only 1 individual need call in to check all the employees at that site.

The RAWS system will then forward the message into the RAWS queues (specifically the IVR_LOG table).

When an IVR message comes into RAWS, the application looks at the time stamp on the IVR record and then cross-checks all the records awaiting in the monitor Queues for a time / date match of +/- 30 minutes of the time of the IVR timestamp.

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