Remote Attendance Welfare System


RAWS is a sub-module of PowerForce assisting in the time keeping and welfare checking of staff out in the field.

The management of staff welfare is a major aspect on any business' obligations to their employees and in high risk industries such as security guarding there is a need to ensure that staff are where they are expected to be as well as being safe during overnight shifts.

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The design of RAWS assists in keeping contact with remote employees working long hours through the night, as well as keeping track of their attendance to site. RAWS in this version allows for the time keeping (sign on & sign off) and welfare checking of staff out in the field.

RAWS assists your operations staff in keeping track of staff attendance as well as staff alertness & well being throughout their shift.

In the case of attendance to site, the system informs the operations staff of immininent shift commencement at client sites. This alerts the operators that numbers of staff are due to start reporting in (sign on), the outcome of which is obviously keeping track of attendance which ultimately translates to management of the delivery of services.

In this current (ver 1.0) implementation of RAWS, where a site is manned my more than 1 individual, the sign on notification my 1 individual will automatically confirm the sign on for all other staff attending that one site. It is expected that the person signing on does so on behalf of all attendees, and that that person will inform operations if there is a shortfall in attending staff.

RAWS allows you to monitor:

  • Sign on
  • Sign off
  • Welfare Checking
  • Coldstart ( a display category).

You may check for one, two or all of the above items, all depending on how you configure the RAWS components.


The design of RAWS is hierarchical, so that you have the maximum flexibility of configuring clients and employees for RAWS monitoring.

The hierarchy works at the following levels:

  • starts at the company level. If RAWS is not defined at this level, no shifts will propogate up on the RAWS monitor queues.
  • down to the client / site level, and
  • down to the individual shift level.

What this hierarchy means is that the system can be configured to look after all client site, select client sites or simply select shifts, and of course any combination of all of these options.

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Structure - detailed

In the configuration of PowerForce you may define many shift types in your system, types such as leave without pay, sick leave, training, etc. Clearly you do not wish to monitor (by means of sign on & welfare checking) these types of shifts. With this caveat in mind you control the scheduling shift type that are to be part of the RAWS process, and its only these select shift types that qualify for monitoring, check this Schedule Codes document.

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