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RAWS has the ability to monitor all shifts for a particular site / roster location. To enable this functionality you define the RAWS parameters at the client site / roster level.

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The overall RAWS processing for a company are defined at the company controls level, and from there you may refine the RAWS parameters on a per site basis.

Remembering that telephones are numeric only devices, it is necessary to re-map the alphabetic client site id to a numeric id that may be communicated via a telephone. Your employees will indicate that they arrived at site "12345" (for example).

In completing the configuration, you must establish a link between the code you use for your client site (which may be alphabetic) to a numberic only value. To achieve this cross-match a new field called Store No has been defined for use by RAWS. This is the 'pin' number that an employee will key in when notifying operations that he / she is at site, or answering a welfare call.

Client Site / Rostering Location

Similar to the setting on the company control record, the client site / rostering location record has a Time & Attendance tab, where you may further refine the RAWS paramaters as you wish for them to apply to this site.


The RAWS options define the settings that RAWS is to monitor for this site.

Cold Start - to identify primary job starts without the requirement of full RAWS coverage.

Raws Options - determine the options to limit the range of RAWS checking. The detault is to monitor both sign on and welfare checking, setting the options negates the other two values. This setting allows you to override the company level setting if there are fewer controls that you wish to manage on ths site than might be the default setting for this company.

The SignOn event is set by default once the RAWS Time & Attendance processing is enabled. SignOn and / or Welfare checks can be performed remotely via SMS or IVR, and actioned manually through the RAWS Monitor Queue window.

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