RAWS Queue Client Contract details


To activate RAWS for a particular company, you must check the Time & Attendance tab on the Company Parameters window.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Administration / Company Controls


The company parameters control record has been extended to define "Time and Attendance" parameters for use by the RAWS sub-module.

The RAWS configuration requires that RAWS is switched on at the company level before any other level of monitoring will work. This in effect acts as the default setting for the RAWS processing for this company.

In this example, we've defined Welfare checking, and detailed its commencement time, its check interval and the time of the last welfare check on a per day basis. So we have that welfare checking commences for shifts starting 22.00 and running through 05.00 of the next day. The welfare checking is to be confirmed / processed every 2.00 hours therein.

In this scenario welfare checking will be performed at 22.00, 00.00, 02.00, and 04.00.

company controls

The SignOn event is set by default once the RAWS Time & Attendance processing is enabled. SignOn and / or Welfare checks can be performed remotely via SMSor IVR, and actioned manually through the RAWS Monitor Queue window.

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Note that by default Welfare checking at the company level is not defined, as this would have the effect of all shifts defaulting to be welfare checked. Whereas, in practice you would expect that welfare checks are only relevant at the site level - the location where an employee works due to its remoteness or security risk.

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