A RAWS queue is a program performing the task of constantly keeping an eye on the time, and trackings scheduled events that it needs to make operators aware of. To manage or categorise hundreds of client sites and possibly thousands of employees RAWS has a logical concept of queues.

You define a queue to look after a specific sub-section of your clients and / or workforce.

This document outlines how you may configure the RAWS queue to behave in its processing.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Modules / Module Options


You may define queue names according to what makes sense for your business. In this example, we have the EASTCOAST queue configuration.

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Sign-off processing is currently not being logged via IVR or SMS, and hence does not show up on the Monitor queue.

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Welfare Check

Coldstart-start Check

Coldstart at this stage is only a reporting mechanism, in that no shifts are impacted by a Coldstart other than the shift marked coldstart will appear on the monitor queues.
Coldstart is in effect a notification that "someone turned up" (still WIP in terms of how the system is to manage this).

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