Remote Attendance Welfare System


The primary users of RAWS are likely to be operations staff, and to enable a "follow the sun" 24 x 7 operation, it is likely that you will have operations staff in different time zones looking after the RAWS queues.

To enable the management of TimeZone calculations required by RAWS, the user profile needs to add an entry identifying the time zone location of the operator.

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In a country as large as Australia, where there are some 5 timezones when you take into consideration day light savings. The operation of RAWS lends itself to a "follow the sun" support environment, where the western states can be responsible to the running of the RAWS queues whilst the easter states sleep.

To achieve this capability, PowerForce has been extended to support (in RAWS) the concept of TimeZone operations. The following sections outline each of the facilities required to support the management of this TimeZone functionality.

So, what needs to be done here is to define that the operator is in one TimeZone whilst the employee that they may be responsible for monitoring is in a totally different time zone.

User Preferences

The principal users of the RAWS module need to be identified to the system by their TimeZone location, and we achieve this with an extension to the user Preferences setting.

user preference

For each user of RAWS, define their default location via the Preferences setting. The dropdown will show you a list of State references. And, whilst this is modeled around the Australian states, you may define any nomenclature that represents the nature of your business.

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State References [ SC ] –> Reference Files / State Codes

For each state definition, we define a simple entry defining the offset from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), with no reference to day light savings settings (defined seperately). These values are used in the calculation of time difference between the operator and the actual location of the employee and client site.


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Time Zones

Not directly related to the setting up of user preferences, but integrated to the management of differing time zones is the State Time Zone maintenance (click here).

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