SACL Client Standard Schedules


We have seen how work schedules define the coverage requirements. Now we will proceed and assign our staff to shifts.

Getting There:

[ NAV ] –> Scheduling / Maintain Standard Schedules or from the Scheduling Workbenches - using the standard schedule maintenance icon.maint icon

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Standard schedules are where staff and shift assignment meet, and similar to the definition of work schedules you access them via the Standard Schedule Maintenance icon - selecting Maintain Standard Schedules. On opening the window, you will be presented with a display similar to the following:

std scheduleIf you focus on the details relating to T1, you will see the "ALL" in green, which is a visual indicator that you have work schedules defined for the type of day "ALL".

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The finished standard schedules

standard schedules

The creation of standard schedules is covered in the generic documentation, however, the schedules that we have completed for T1 are as per the image above.

If you note the very bottom of the image, you'll see the AM-TL & PM-TL short codes - indicating that no staff have been allocated to cover these shifts. What will happen to these shifts when they come to the scheduling workbench is that they will show up as un-filled shifts and you will have the option to assign staff at that stage.

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This second step in the process has assigned our regular staff to regular shifts.

The next step in this process is the generation of the schedules for a given period.

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