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Job Entry

To modify (edit) an existing job, use the Job Entry screen:

The Job Entry screen by default works in the "new" job mode. To edit an existing job, Press the "Edit Job" key, and then follow the details as explained here:


[Navigator / Scheduling Workbench / Job Entry]

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Defining a New Job

Either enter the customer (client) code if you know it, or press the dropdown arrow to get a list of your customers.

Enter the necessary details regarding how the order was sourced.

Enter the customer's Order Number, as this is required for invocing, and is a mandatory field.

Enter the "Site Location" details, ensuring that you complete the full address.

Enter the Job Duration details, including the Start / Finish Dates, as well as the Start & Finish times of the shifts. By default the system will tick the "Days Required" entries. However, you may also use these fields to further outlline the job schedule.

On the "Details" tab, enter the No of staff and equipment required for the Job. In the resources field enter the abbreviation of the resource, or double click the mouse to display a listing of available resources to choose from.

Edit Job

The shifts tab details what each of the individual shifts (across the number of days for the job) looks like, as per this image:


And to detail specific / special instruction for the crew, you have the Instructions tab where you note all that is required:


The various additional elements will be printed on the job sheet for the crew.

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