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Using the scheduling workbench

    1. Add New Employee Wizard
      1. On the main navigator screen, double click “wizards”
      2. Double click “add employee”
      3. Click “ok” to employee space notification
      4. Company should be “PRG” use drop down menu if you have to
      5. Leave on “auto assign number” unless it’s a subcontract guard, if so refer to Adding Sub Contractor Employees section above
      6. Select “yes” for setup payroll information and “yes” for superannuation information
      7. Fill out mandatory fields in BOLD –it will all appear in capitals even if caps lock if off.
      8. If possible fill out “title” and “marital status”
      9. Ensure gender is correct – male/female.
      10. Click next
      11. Complete all address information – state and post code may be auto generated
      12. Use drop downs to select “Country/Citizenship/Nationality”
      13. Click next
      14. Double click on the first cell under “contact” field
      15. Select type of contact – mobile, office, home… etc.
      16. Ensure all contact details include area codes – specially for landlines include the “02” then a space then the number
      17. When entering mobile number – do not place any spaces in number – eg 0412757121.
      18. Disregard “next of kin” details.
      19. Click next.
      20. Date of employment is the same date as the date on their tax file declaration form
      21. Review date is the same as employment date plus three whole months.
      22. Type of employment is either WPACA (casual), WPAFT (fulltime) NO OTHER CHOICE.
      23. For classification refer to the document and compare classification and determine if its going to be PSO, SO, SSO etc and the select appropriately from the drop down, please consider the type of employment for example WPACASO is a SO classification guard at casual status.
      24. Disregard “default cost centre” and tick boxes
      25. Click next.
      26. Licence Details:-
        1. Double click on the first cell under “licence” field
        2. Select type of licence – 1A/1C, SFA… etc.
        3. Enter the licence number without spaces
        4. Enter the expiry date
        5. Repeat the same licence process for each licence sub class and other licence.

On PowerForce First Aid Certificate is a licence. The licence number is the certificate number

      1. Skill Details:-
        1. Double click on the first cell under “skill” field
        2. Select type of licence – RSA/Certificate II Sec OPS… etc.
        3. Enter the attained date
        4. Enter the certificate number in the comment field with the RTO name prior to certificate number. For example – “STAT – 1223”
        5. Repeat the same skill detail process for each skill/certificate.
      2. Disregard “specific roles” and “specific areas”
      3. Click next
      4. Select “weekly” from drop down on pay cycle
      5. Only change “pay method” to “electronic”.
      6. Enter BSB with a “-“ between the 3rd and 4th number (BSB should always be six digits long)
      7. Enter account number without spaces
      8. Enter account name
      9. Click next
      10. Enter tax file number without spaces
      11. “tax waiver date” is the date of tax file declaration form
      12. “Tax table” is “02” from drop down box if they have answered “yes” on question 9 on tax file declaration form and “01” if they answered “no”. If no tax file number supplied, select “ntfn”.
      13. Tick “authority to give tfn to superannuation” for everyone
      14. Tick “Australian resident for tax purposes” for everyone
      15. Tick “tax free threshold claimed” is they answered “yes” on question 9 on tax file declaration form only.
      16. Disregard rest of fields
      17. Click next
      18. Select “ING” from drop down menu for “company contribution”
      19. Disregard rest of fields
      20. Click next
      21. Click finish
      22. Note new employee number on employment forms and you’re done.

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