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To set staff availability into the future (i.e. plan holidays).

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Staff availability if prepared in advance allows the rostering system to recognise the employee's planned absence and the roster software will then plan around that absence.

If the employee is rostered on a regular basis the automatic rostering will recognise the employee being on leave and will "drop" the shift that this employee is intended to work, to allow you to allocate the shift to someone else.

If the employee is a casual, the rostering software will alert you to the fact that the employee is already rostered elsewhere (on leave). If the employee is a casual and not entitled to leave of any form, you can still mark them down as unavailable, therein achieving the same in advance planning.


Using the navigator


  1. On the left hand side of the main navigator screen, double click “Biographical”
  2. On the left hand side of the main navigator screen, double click “Personnel Maintenance”
  3. On the right hand side of the main navigator screen, double click “Maintain Personnel Availability”
  4. In the “availability planner for” window in the top right corner (next to the year drop down menu) there is an empty field, this field is for the employee id number of the employee you wish to enter availability for
    1. if you know the employee number enter the number and press enter
    2. if you enter don’t’, enter a “%” and then the first three letters of the employee’s surname
    3. a list of matching staff may appear or the ID of the exact match will load
  5. Ensure the correct year is chosen in the top right corner
  6. Click the “edit off” button
  7. Choose the type of entry you wish to make from the “palette” legend by clicking once on the respective type
  8. Click on the date the entry need to be made for
  9. Enter a reason or description in the message box (so that you may report on it). Ensure that you check the "Create Shedule Entry" availability

Day Only (0600 - 1800)


Night Only (1800 - 0600)


Any Time (0600 - 0600)


Not Available


  1. Click “Ok”
  2. Having made an entry for the first date of the leave or availability, all that you need to do is click on the dates that have the same reason and the reason will copy and the same entry will apply for the same dates
  3. once editing is finished, click “Save” button
  4. click “Ok” to message box
  5. exit the “availability planner for” window

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