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When you first start up PowerForce, you will be presented with a login screen to validate you as a user of the application.


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hrEnter the user name you have been provided, followed by your password.

hrIf this is a demo or trial system, the login will have been set to "demo" and the password "password".

rosteringIf this is your first login, then your password is likely to have been automatically set to "password" (not case sensitive). Once you enter your password for the first time, you will be asked to change your password, to which you must select a new password.

It is your login name into PowerForce which manages the menu options that you receive once logged on.


Once you have successfully logged on, you will be presented with the "Navigator", which is the name given to the menus in Powerforce.

This login sets up the menu structure and parameters that will be used during this session. Based upon your login a menu will now be displayed with sufficient options to perform your required tasks.
If the system uses multiple companies you will be asked to choose a company as the default for this session. To change the company you must either change the user or refresh the user

Once logged in you can change to another user by clicking the “Login New User” button pflogin located in the toolbar at the top right of the screen. The “User Login” window will then be displayed.

If the setup for a user has been changed click the “Login New User” button pflogin to go through the “User Login” process again.

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