Registering Windows .ocx files


In order to use the enhanced functionality of PowerForce release 9.x, you must firstly register a number of Windows components. This document outlines the process of registering these components into your individual windows user environment..

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To utilise the new Release 9 of PowerForce, each Microsoft Windows user login must register a number of ".ocx" files.

These files are located in the "OINSIGHT" directory of your PowerForce installation.

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To register the mandatory .ocx files, using windows explorer (or drop to DOS), locate your Oinsight directory.

In that directory you will find a windows executable "OLEAutoReg.exe". Double click on the program to execute it.

The program will register each .ocx file into your environment setting, so that when PowerForce makes a call to the .ocx, the Windows system knows where to locate the file. A successful installation will display an image similar to the below:


srp register dll

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If you receive any errors during the execution of OLEAutoReg indicating insufficient access rights, please refer to your IT support to register the .ocx files. The cause will be the security setting placed on your PC.

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Verify the Installation

To verify that the installation has been successful, again in the Oinsight directory, execute a program "SRP Ole Info.exe", which will display a screen similar to the following indicating whether your installation has been successful or otherwise.

srp ole info

Press the "X" in the right hand corner or the ESC key on your keyboard to exit the display.

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