Auto Scripting your SMS messages

To assist with "canned" messages PowerForce has the ability to prepare pre-fabbed SMS messages.

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The SMS functionality is integrated behind the FIND function on the Scheduling Workbench, as well as on the standalone icon in the Navigator pane of PowerForce. To allow for the automation of generic text, the following codes will be replaced with their equivalent real information as it relates in the SMS message.

When using the standalone SMS to send messages out, you can use the following keywords, and they will be replaced with the actual value based upon the employee(s) that you select.
The keywords (please note CAPITALISED) are:

  • <FNAME> First Name
  • <SNAME> Surname
  • <FULLNAME> Full Name
  • <EMPCODE> Employee ID

When sending an SMS from the scheduling workbench, where you have used the FIND function to locate available employees, you may use the following keywords which will be automatically replaced with the shift details.
The keywords (please note CAPITALISED) are:


You may preconfigure your standard SMS messages via the General Reasons form, as follows:

The message will appear like this on the mobile:



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