Overtime rules not calculating:

Powerforce is set up to pay hours outside a daily base, or where nominated as overtime shifts at overtime rates.  Currently when we select hours as overtime no values come across.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Modules / Module Options


Using the scheduling workbench,open the shift in question.
hours calc

Opening the costs tab, shows the image below indicating no costs.

To confirm that this is not just a calculation error during the initial shift creation, double-click anywhere in the edit table. This will re-calculate the costs, and on re-calculation nothing has changed, therefore the error still persists.

shift costs

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Step 1

This type of error is indicative of an error in the classification definition. We can see from above that the classification is "Classification Code : 97", so we'll open the classification codes window to confirm the data.

classification code

We can see from the image that there's a value against "Normal" value of 16.9282 indicating that there's a valid rate, which indicates that under normal circumstance the value would be used to calculate the values on the costs tab.

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Step 2

The next item to investigate is the Award Rule definition, and in the above example, we see that the award rule is HNIA.

award rule

The original problem was related to a shift on "Saturday", this image of the award rule indicates that there is no award rule defined for handling Saturday.

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Step 3

To investigate the issue and confirm that this will correct the problem, we define an award definition for Saturday, in this case to match Sunday.

award rule

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Step 4

Returning to the scheduling workbench, then to the costs tab, 'double-click' on the table to re-calculate the costs, the data below displays indicating that the error was indeed the award rule definition.

costs tab

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In general the combination of classification codes and award rules is the principal cause of errors on the calculations relating to employee cost details.

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