Unable to determine whether this client has been set up to go to the RAWS queue as a sign on.

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We have a standard scheduled shift and are concerned that the shift should appear on the RAWS monitor queue, however, it is not appearing on the queue. How do we determine whether is should be on the queue and if not why not.

The shift is the 09.00-17.30 and as noted by the pointed to image, is a standard client work schedule. Opening the shift and viewing the details on the Time & Attendance tab, we see the below details:

The only piece of information indicating that this shift may appear on the RAWS queue is the Load to Monitor Queue checkbox. However, in the larger infrastructure of the RAWS facilities, there are many other configuration setting which define what happens to a shift in respect of RAWS.

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Client Work Schedule

Opening the client work schedule for this shifts shows that there are no RAWS settings relating to this client schedule, other than Load to Monitor Queue.

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Client Site Detail

Checking the Time & Attendance tab of the client site reveals:

There are no RAWS related settings at the client site level, therefore the RAWS settings will default to those of the Company configuration (which we have identified on other documents as having sign on active)..

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To understand the RAWS queue processing refer to the RAWS queue hierarchy process document.

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