I'm still missing some clear view of how the application stack (POWERFORCE + OpenInsight) can be deployed. 1) Can multiple POWERFORCE instances (run from different machines, by different users) use the same central network shared OpenInsight database? 2) Or the idea is to provide each user its own POWERFORCE + OpenInsight stack?


The Openinsight environment is very much like the Borland C++ environment of old. It has a compiler and database, and in the case of OpenInsight is an self enclosed runtime.

We as developers use the internal language to write programs which manipulate windows forms (think an early version of Visual Basic).

The way in which the Powerforce application itself works is :

The application is started with a DOS command line that looks like this:

[path_to_openinsight]\oinsight.exe /ap=mms /un=mms /pw=password /dv=0 /he=1

/ap = application name -> think javascript namespace 
/un = user name -> internal mechanism to login / access the oinsight runtime 
/pw = password 
/dv = 0 -> development mode -> false 
/he = 1 -> hide engine -> true. Otherwise the icon for the runtime shows in the windows status bar, and sends people silly


Once the runtime starts up, it will start a form that 'we the developers' have designed to be a login screen into the application (Powerforce in our case) You can see some old demos at the following link: The logon screen gets your name and password (into the application) and is now under our code control At this stage the program code will 'open' data files in one of the database directories there is a users table, which links the user name / password with his/her databases upon correct login, the application 'opens' all the database tables pointed at - some 400+ database tables

  • Multiple users can run the same shortcut and attach / open the same database [database -> simply a directory structure somewhere on the network]
  • Multiple users can run the same shortcut and attach / open different databases
  • The database / file open is between the oinsight.exe and the database manager (lhservice.exe -> runs as systems process)
  • The lhservice.exe can run anywhere on the local network (remote would be too slow)
  • The oinsight.exe and lhservice.exe communicate over tcp/ip

A demo of the how application looks can be found at this link

OI9.4 Patches#

we've now applied the following 2 patches to bring our development environment up to the current levels as on OI's web site.

OpenInsight 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch v4.1 06 January 2018

List User Locks Administration Tool v2 for OpenInsight 9.4 19 July 2017 - run rdkinstall "E:\oi-patch_downloads\LIST_USER_LOCKS_v2\LIST_USER_LOCKS_v2" - From the System Monitor (F12) type: exec LIST_USER_LOCKS

There are 2 more recent patches, however they relate to things not in use in Powerforce, so we've ignored them. - Indexing - O4W