Preparing a quotation#

What to quote for#

Sample text covering implementation deliverables#

Attached is our software quotation, the detail of which is:

   60 employee system
   3 concurrent user database  one of charge (may vary based on USD exchange rate)

Out implementation charge delivers:
   The setup of all your  employees from data upload provided by yourselves (excel format)
   The setup of all your clients from data upload provided by yourselves (excel format)
   If you wish to investigate the payroll option: We will enter 2 weeks of current rosters for 6 sites, ensuring that the awards are configured correctly and therein verifying employee pay and allowance
   If applicable: We will from the same time-sheets confirm that the invoice charges are correctly configured in the system for the 6 clients.
   Any further configuration of clients / employees will be undertaken during the course of your training.

All other aspects of the quotation are self-explained on the document itself.

If you care to proceed, please sign on the 2 pages as indicated and return to my attention.

   We will then commence on your data upload and implementation.
   On uploading your employees / clients and rosters are above, we will invoice for 50% of the implementation charge and continue work on receipt of payment.
   Training and / or any other services that you may wish will be on a time and materials basis as per the details on the 2nd page of the attached quotation.
   Prior to commencement of any works we will qualify your environment with your IT support to ensure that it meets the minimum specs required and that the IT are in sync with the requirements of the Powerforce application.