Ember and RoR Development setup / development#

[Ember js 2.4.0 guides](https://guides.emberjs.com/v2.4.0)
[Ember js api](https://emberjs.com/api)
[Ember-cli asset compilation](https://ember-cli.com/asset-compilation)

  • indicate which note is currently selected#

bin/rails generate ember:init
ember new frontend --skip-git (because RoR has .git already, frontend is inside that workdir)
cd frontend
ember install ember-cli-rails-addon


give constant feedback to user as to what's going on, & what stage process is at.

explicitly define classes#

for all your data types and all objects that you will use within your application, it clearly shows intent when you instantiate an object. Resulting code is easier to read, and maintain.

indicate which item in a list is currently selected