Carbon Design System

Carbon Design System

Carbon is an open-source design system built by IBM. With the IBM Design Language as its foundation, the system consists of working code, design tools and resources, human interface guidelines, and a vibrant community of contributors.

Carbon is released under the Apache-2.0 license Build Status Maintained with Lerna PRs welcome Chat with us on Gitter

Getting started#

If you're just getting started, check out carbon-components. If you're looking for React components, take a look at carbon-components-react.

We also have community-contributed components for the following technologies:

If you're trying to find something specific, here's a full list of packages that we support!

Package name Description
carbon-components Component styles and Vanilla JavaScript
carbon-components-react React components
@carbon/elements IBM Design Language elements like colors, type, iconography, and more
@carbon/colors Work with IBM Design Language colors
@carbon/grid Build layouts using the new 16 column grid system
@carbon/icons Iconography assets. We also offer support in: React, Angular, and Vue
@carbon/pictograms Pictogram assets. We also offer support in: React
@carbon/layout Layout-based units and spacing scale
@carbon/motion Productive and expressive motion curves
@carbon/themes Color tokens available in the Carbon Design System, like $interactive-01
@carbon/type New type tokens used alongside IBM Plex

:books: Documentation#

🙌 Contributing#

We're always looking for contributors to help us fix bugs, build new features, or help us improve the project documentation. If you're interested, definitely check out our Contributing Guide and our Developer Guide! 👀

📝 License#

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.