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Intro to Rails Testing Curriculum Module 1: Testing with Ruby Alone Module Overview How to Choose a Test Framework Getting Set Up with RSpec Installing RSpec Running Your First Test RSpec Fundamentals Describe and Context Blocks It Blocks Before Blocks Subject Expect Basic Matchers Project Kickoff Hotel Management Project Overview The Hotel Class Get Practice Writing Tests Checking In a Guest Checking Out a Guest Accounting for Room Number Keeping Track of Vacant/Occupied Refactoring Separating Tests From Application Code Splitting Hotel Class Into Multiple Classes Breaking Up Tests Into Multiple Files Ruby Testing Review Module 2: Testing with Ruby + Rails Module Overview What to Test and What Not to Test “Unit” Tests vs. Integration Tests/System Tests Rails Testing Tools Overview Factory Bot Faker Database Cleaner Capybara Rails Hotel Project Initializing Rails Project Deployment (“Walking Skeleton”) Installing Factory Bot, Faker and Database Cleaner Creating the Hotel Scaffold Writing Our First Rails/RSpec Test Model Tests Testing for Presence Testing for Uniqueness Adding More Models Adding the Room Model Basic Room Model Tests Adding the Guest Model Basic Guest Model Tests System Tests Intro to System Tests Intro to Capybara Writing Our First System Test Rails Testing Review Additional Testing Resources Suggestions for Further Learning Course Review