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  • NSW Police SLED licence check
  • Demo of Three-Node Two-Channel Setup in Hyperledger Fabric
  • How To Schedule Your Day For Optimal Productivity
  • Anti-Grid Design Icon David Carson Says Computers Make You Lazy and Indie Magazines Need to Liven Up
  • Data Scientists, The 5 Graph Algorithms that you should know
  • Facebook Open-Sources RoBERTa: an Improved Natural Language Processing Model
  • HTTP/3: the past, the present, and the future
  • lightweight platform-agnostic tools for declarative UI
  • Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++
  • Document: Read the Whistle-Blower Complaint
  • How to convert XSD file to XLS
  • Graphically visualize Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Securing a Jenkins instance on Azure
  • Azure Quickstart Templates
  • Azure Quickstart Templates
  • Global HTTP/HTTPS proxy agent configurable using environment variables.
  • Repo containing example apps made with NodeGUI and React NodeGUI
  • Build performant, native and cross-platform desktop applications with native React + powerful CSS like styling
  • A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with JavaScript and CSS like styling
  • Which Is the Best PostgreSQL GUI? 2019 Comparison
  • Free multi-platform database tool for developers
  • ClusterControl for MariaDB & Maxscale
  • Top 20 Git Commands With Examples
  • Docker With Spring Boot and MySQL: Introduction (Part 1)
  • 18 Types of Software Testing You Need to Use for Higher Quality Products
  • The Technical Challenges of Building Cloudflare WARP
  • It is ⌚time to ditch ReactJS or Angular and use better web standards like web components😍 part 1
  • Essential Frontend Resources in 2019
  • Things you may not know about Chrome DevTools
  • Improve UX in React apps by showing skeleton UI
  • The seamless way to import, clean, & consolidate customer data
  • Use meta robots tags carefully
  • Understand the JavaScript SEO basics
  • A Free HTTP based JSON storage
  • lets you store, read & modify JSON data over HTTP APIs
  • $ json-now - Launch an API Server to serve data from a JSON, JS file or faker data with HTTPS support.
  • Build and run cloud-based applications faster using JavaScript, GraphQL, and 8base
  • Online JSON formatter and prettifier
  • Studio 3T is the professional GUI and IDE for MongoDB
  • project management platform for software development that brings everyone on every team together to build better products
  • An open source library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with JavaScript and CSS like styling.
  • Build high-performance VueJS user interfaces in record time
  • Vue Components for Global Brain Design System
  • Free and Beautiful Vue.js Admin Template
  • Which Is the Best PostgreSQL GUI? 2019 Comparison
  • Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API definitions in OpenAPI 2.0/3.0 format
  • Unofficial OpenAPI/Swagger specs for popular APIs
  • Serve http and https connections over the same port with node.js
  • Global HTTP/HTTPS proxy agent configurable using environment variables.
  • An node.js-powered launcher for httptoolkit (try 'npx httptoolkit')
  • Detect the browser versions available on your system, and launch them in an isolated profile for automation & testing purposes.
  • Electron wrapper to build and distribute HTTP Toolkit for the desktop
  • The website of HTTP Toolkit: a beautiful, cross-platform & open-source HTTP(S) debugging proxy, analyzer & client
  • The backend of HTTP Toolkit
  • Powerful friendly HTTP mock server & proxy for integration tests
  • The UI of HTTP Toolkit
  • Microsite to tell you if you're currently being proxied by HTTP Toolkit
  • OpenStack® Trademark Policy
  • OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide
  • tsconfig.json
  • Node.js Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1): Intro to Node and Express
  • How to Troubleshoot and Fix React Bugs Fast With Visual Testing
  • Vue.js Tutorial: Visual Testing With and Applitools
  • How to Connect Your NodeJS App in Docker to Your Oracle Database
  • What is a Black Swan event?
  • How to Become Your “Future Self”
  • How to Disarm Internal Triggers of Distractions
  • Uber Design Platform
  • How To Handle Other People’s Bad Moods Like a Pro
  • Simply Showing Up Is the Most Powerful Success Strategy of All
  • Learning To Be Happy Alone
  • How to Build Light and Dark Themes With Web Components
  • Stop copy pasting D3 examples, create data visualizations of your own
  • Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM)
  • Demystifying the JavaScript ‘const’ Declaration
  • Human-Computer Interaction Researcher
  • Deploy machine learning models on mobile and IoT devices
  • 6 Array Methods to Simplify Your JavaScript
  • Web Components API in a Nutshell
  • VS Code Extensions For Web Dev Productivity
  • How To Set Up a Powerful API With GraphQL, Koa, and MongoDB — CRUD
  • Advanced, production process manager for Node.js
  • Node.js Production Process Manager with a built-in Load Balancer
  • Database-as-a-Service for MongoDB
  • The magic behind 💅 styled-components
  • How to set up a powerful API with GraphQL, Koa, and MongoDB
  • Supercharge your debugging experience for Node.js
  • How To Use Destructuring and Arrow Functions to Improve Your JavaScript Code
  • New Course: Easier Project Setup With the Vue.js CLI 3
  • How to Create GitOps Pipelines With GitHub Actions and Weave Cloud
  • Graphiti makes RESTful Resources a first-class concept
  • Announcing Dart 2.5: Super-charged development
  • Being ‘Indistractable’ Will Be the Skill of the Future
  • Being ‘Indistractable’ Will Be the Skill of the Future
  • Transform Dribbble designs to React-Native code & YouTube video tutorials
  • 6 Array Methods to Simplify Your JavaScript
  • Web Components API in a Nutshell
  • What is Component-Oriented Programming (COP)?
  • VS Code Extensions For Web Dev Productivity
  • ndb is an improved debugging experience for Node.js, enabled by Chrome DevTools
  • Node.js v12.10.0 Documentation
  • v8-inspector (node)
  • nodejs Debugging Guide
  • How to set up a powerful API with GraphQL, Koa, and MongoDB
  • 2020 and Beyond Programming Trend Predictions
  • Supercharge your debugging experience for Node.js
  • How To Use Destructuring and Arrow Functions to Improve Your JavaScript Code
  • How to Find Bugs in Your JavaScript Code With the Debugger
  • Boost your JavaScript Debugging Skills With These Console Tricks
  • Getting started with Puppeteer and Chrome Headless for Web Scraping
  • Declarative DOM extraction expression evaluator: screen scraper
  • Web Scraping Service Platform That's Effortless
  • AI-Powered Visual Web Scraper
  • Cross Browser Testing Cloud
  • Headless Chrome Node.js API
  • Getting Node.js Testing and TDD Right
  • Next-gen WebDriver test framework for Node.js
  • View DevTools Timeline trace files from Google Drive
  • DevTools Timeline Viewer
  • End-to-end testing and continuous integration framework written in Node.js and using the Webdriver API
  • nightwatchjs End-to-end testing
  • Node.js End-to-End Testing with Nightwatch.js
  • A tool for developers to create cloud-native applications on Kubernetes
  • build applications that run on Kubernetes
  • Using Kubernetes for Local Development
  • Develop and test your cloud apps offline.
  • A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!
  • Using Skaffold and LocalStack to Develop Cloud Applications Locally
  • Browser automation revisited - meet Puppeteer
  • Page Object Model (POM) | Design Pattern
  • Puppeteer example without async/await
  • Puppeteer API Tip-Of-Tree
  • puppeteer/get-started
  • Proof of concept of end2end functional testing with Puppeteer library, Mocha and Chai
  • JIRA Load Testing Tutorial – Create an Issue with Flood Element
  • Why the world needs a universal web scraping library for JavaScript
  • An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Transform Dribbble designs to React-Native code & YouTube video tutorials
  • Rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML
  • Ember.js flavored changesets, inspired by Ecto
  • BlackJack
  • Use "pure functions" as components in an Ember app.
  • A TodoMVC app that uses ember-orbit and orbit-server
  • Angular Tic-Tac-Toe - A Tutorial for Beginners
  • Anonymizing GraphQL Resolvers with Decorators
  • A Beginner-Friendly Guide to PyTorch and How it Works from Scratch
  • NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager
  • AI-Powered Visual Web Scraping Tool
  • Quickstart CI with Jenkins and Docker-in-Docker
  • Introduction to Support Vector Machines (SVM) using Python
  • Keep it Simple with the Strategy Design Pattern
  • What is Ruby on Rails Used for: Tips from Back-End Developers
  • What is Ruby on Rails Used for: Tips from Back-End Developers
  • Training a Neural Network to Detect Gestures with OpenCV in Python
  • Why the world needs a universal web scraping library for JavaScript
  • Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser
  • Jest is a JavaScript Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity
  • tap-producing test harness for node and browsers
  • Drive Zero’s goal is to help Australians move more quickly to low or no emission cars
  • A lighter V8
  • The Complete Introduction to React
  • Three New Seeed Studio W600-Based Wireless Boards
  • Learn Mastering Interaction Design through Craft, Productivity, and Workflow
  • Understanding the Open API Specification for Australia
  • Free and open access to global development data
  • developer-information
  • An easy way to create, parse and validate forms in node.js
  • Windows system utilities to maximize productivity
  • Announcing Tutorials for Apache Kafka
  • Setting up MongoDB Locally
  • Paging with the Bucket Pattern - Part 1
  • Automated Threat Remediation for Office 365
  • Why Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life
  • Why our team cancelled our move to microservices
  • Faster R-CNN (object detection) implemented by Keras for custom data from Google’s Open Images Dataset V4
  • How to Sell the Problem Before Selling the Solution
  • How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations
  • The Art of Writing One-Sentence Product Descriptions
  • Scaling Startup Codebases: Nix those Rails N+1 queries
  • Understanding Active Record Migrations
  • 3 Security Pitfalls Every React Developer Should Know
  • A Fullstack GraphQL Airbnb Clone with React and React Native
  • Remember the $86 million license plate scanner I replicated?
  • The definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10

  • Developer training (* + react )

  • Deep Learning
  • visual-studio-code-mac-shortcuts
  • front-end hacking cheatsheets — all in one place
  • Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2019
  • documentation sample layout for PIA work
  • ngrok: Tunnels Online
  • Getting Started with Node.js - Full Tutorial ******
  • Puppeteer
  • mkdocs/ ********
  • Graph theory (network) library for visualisation and analysis
  • Find and Connect to Thousands of APIs
  • react-cheatsheet/ ******
  • 22-miraculous-tools-for-react-developers-in-2019
  • fontawesome on-the-desktop
  • Beginners guide for a Ruby-on-Rails ready Visual Studio Code
  • A predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Toolkit for building accessible rich web apps with React
  • Create intuitive and beautiful products with Material Design
  • API Tools for Individuals, Teams, and Enterprise
  • JavaScript: How It's Made ****** 7m mark

  • Ember.js links

  • Building a complex web application with the latest Ember.js 3
  • The Octane Edition of Ember
  • Ember Component Cheat Sheet

  • PIA Overview

  • Building Accessible Components and the GOV.UK Design System - Meetup #13 - April 2018
  • Docker Mastery for Node.js Projects From a Docker Captain

  • Youtube links

  • Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning
  • 웹 개발 공부 - Ruby on Rails
  • How Google Search indexes JavaScript sites - JavaScript SEO
  • S01E13 - Plant App - React Native
  • The basics on a Speed square
  • HashGraph Explained
  • Deep Learning Full Course - Learn Deep Learning in 6 Hours | Deep Learning Tutorial | Edureka
  • Build A Restful Api With Node.js Express & MongoDB | Rest Api Tutorial
  • S01E13 - Plant App - React Native
  • A Fullstack Airbnb Clone coded with React, React Native, GraphQL, and TypeScript.
  • Docker Beginner Tutorial 1 - What is DOCKER (step by step) | Docker Introduction
  • What is Distributed Caching? Explained with Redis!
  • JavaScript: How It's Made ****** 7m mark
  • Learn the MERN Stack - Full Tutorial (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js)
  • VSCode ESLint, Prettier & Airbnb Style Guide Setup ******
  • Getting to the Dark Web is EASY (and safe): Here's how
  • How to Hack Wi-Fi & Networks with the Lazy Script Framework
  • Hack WPA & WPA2 Wi-Fi Passwords with a Pixie-Dust Attack using Airgeddon
  • Using Figma to create a Wireframe and Export Components
  • Figma Just Introduced Microinteractions!
  • Modern Web Testing and Automation with Puppeteer (Google I/O ’19)
  • Data Visualization Course - Full Tutorial Featuring D3.js ******

  • Competitive things to look at

  • Accelerate Approvals to Increase Business Agility

  • ATO STP & e-invoicing

  • Creating & Lodging a Pay Event
  • PEPPOL Training Part 2 Webinar - Materials
  • Finalising your Single Touch Payroll data
  • Single Touch Payroll and End of Financial Year Webinar


  • Weekly Italian Words with Ilaria - Tourism

  • AWS stuff

  • KOGAN 32" monitor user guide

  • Office 365 admin @p/j2

  • Office 365 admin
  • 			// m.d@p/15 cdn: 
    			    "" // ; 22/10/17,11.05/5 ******
    x = xmlhttp->setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Basic {Converted Password}") make your bed - Admiral
    about:blank -> google search, new instructions -> dell updates m6800
    Monday line: Telstra637361/42yw883vnq
    dump all mySQL tables to seperate files
    mkdir ~/db && mysql -s -r -u root -p{Secret} -e 'show databases' | while read db; do mysqldump -u root -p{Secret} $db -r ~/db/${db}.sql; [[ $? -eq 0 ]] && gzip ~/db/${db}.sql; done
    // my Gear (mpd)
    	ATH-M50x Audio-technica
    	RODE NT1-A Studio Microphone
    	SM6 Shock Mount with Popshield
    	Focusrite Scarlett Solo
     ; // font-awesome PRO free CDN
    // google Bristlecone chip colours:
    RGB Hex	RGB Hex3	HSL	RGB	HTML Keyword
    #6f111a	#712	hsl(354,73,25)	rgb(111,17,26)	maroon
    #726575	#767	hsl(288,7,42)	rgb(114,101,117)	dimgray
    	Screen Recording – Screenflow →
    	Main Camera – Sony a6300 →
    	Main Lens – Sony 10-18mm →
    	Awesome Small Tripod – Manfrotto →
    	GoPro – Hero Session 4 →
    	Microphone – Røde →
    	Camera I don’t use as much – 5D →
    Gear to make this video: 
    	Canon 5D MKii:
    	Apple Macbook Pro:
    	Apple iMac:
    	Adobe Premier Pro:
  • Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First (SCARLETT-2I2-2ND-GEN)
  • dbx 286s Microphone Preamp & Channel Strip Processor
  • // chrome i've shut down and need -> css flexbox work (said hire me) ## sample RLIST LIST EMPLOYEE BY SURNAME SURNAME FIRST_NAME PAY_CLASS PCLASS_NML_RATE EMPLOYMENT_DATE TERM_FLAG WITH TERM_FLAG = "No" LIST EMPLOYEE BY EMPLOYMENT_TYPE BY PAY_CLASS BY SURNAME SURNAME FIRST_NAME EMPLOYMENT_TYPE PAY_CLASS PCLASS_NML_RATE EMPLOYMENT_DATE WITH TERM_FLAG = "NO" AND WITH PAY_CLASS # "CONTRACTOR" LIST EMPLOYEE BY EMPLOYMENT_TYPE BY AWARD_SCHEDULE BY PAY_CLASS BY SURNAME FULL_NAME EMPLOYMENT_TYPE PAY_CLASS AWARD_SCHEDULE PCLASS_NML_RATE EMPLOYMENT_DATE WITH TERM_FLAG = "NO" AND WITH PAY_CLASS # "CONTRACTOR" ID-SUPP LIST EMPLOYEE BY AWARD_SCHEDULE BY EMPLOYMENT_TYPE BY PAY_CLASS BY SURNAME FULL_NAME EMPLOYMENT_TYPE PAY_CLASS PCLASS_NML_RATE WITH TERM_FLAG = "NO" AND WITH PAY_CLASS # "CONTRACTOR" ID-SUPP BREAK-ON AWARD_SCHEDULE LIST EMPLOYEE BY PAY_CLASS BY AWARD_SCHEDULE BY EMPLOYMENT_TYPE BY SURNAME FULL_NAME EMPLOYMENT_TYPE PAY_CLASS AWARD_SCHEDULE PCLASS_NML_RATE WITH TERM_FLAG = "NO" AND WITH PAY_CLASS # "CONTRACTOR" ID-SUPP BREAK-ON PAY_CLASS VSCode - stuff github gist token '730f5251798d1854c78e378533665b1fd5a64a79' ## hip operation LIST EMPLOYEE_YTD WITH YEAR = '2019' AND WITH YTD_GC_AAFT_CODES YTD_GC_AAFT_CODES YTD_GC_AAFT_AMT LIST SERVICE_INVOICES INV_ODATE DEBTOR TOTAL INVOICE_TOTAL WITH DEBTOR = 'EDMEN' BY-DSND INV_DATE INVOICE_YEAR WEEK_NO BREAK-ON INVOICE_YEAR D:\RailsInstaller\DevKit>ruby dk.rb install [INFO] Installing 'd:/Ruby26-x64/lib/ruby/site_ruby/2.6.0/rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb' [INFO] Installing 'd:/Ruby26-x64/lib/ruby/site_ruby/devkit.rb' SELECT roster_date FROM rtc WHERE (roster_date < CONVERT(DATETIME, '2019-04-01 00:00:00', 102)) USE [nvzn] GO DELETE FROM [dbo].[rtc] WHERE (roster_date < CONVERT(DATETIME, '2019-04-01 00:00:00', 102)) GO // redis Slide deck === Ask a Redis Expert Webinar - Why Your MongoDB Needs Redis: URLs === 1. Redis Watch Newsletter: 2. MongoDB and Redis: a different interpretation of what's wrong with Relational DBs: 3. Redis project website: 4. 5. Salvatore Sanfilippo's blog: 6. The Redis Manifesto: 7. Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know: 8. Programming Languages Benchmark: 9. Webinar - How To Achieve 1.5 Million ops/second with Redis: 10. WiredTiger iiBench Results: 11. An introduction to Redis data types: 12. Redis Command Reference: 13. Red is Beautiful: A Visualization of Redis Commands: 14. Interactive Redis tutorial: 15. Download Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster: 16. Redis Clients: 17. Redis usage survey: BEST VPN 2019 - TOP 5 Services! (In No Order) 1. NordVPN: 2. CyberGhost: 3. PureVPN: 4. IPVanish: 5. TorGuard: