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The reports created through the report templates function are generally available for everyday use. Whilst the contents of the report may have been pre-defined, the user is still provided with many options to customise and filter the data to display.

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The reports screen is meant as a view only tool for pre-packaged system reports. You do though have the option to tailor some aspects of the report for your own use. Unlike the template creation tool, this screen only allows you to select a report that is already defined in PowerForce.

view a report

Use the dropdown to select your report. When you've made your choice, the display will change to display the report description, on the RHS the report will show you the data table that is being reported on, and the value "216322" represents the number of records in the data table. We provide this information so that you may understand why an operation is taking time.

Report on Display

In case you don't notice, here we've flicked reports for demonstration purposes to better show off the inbuilt functionality.

Once the report details are presented you may use the same drag and drop as in preparing the templates to manipulate the report layout. Note that you are shown how many of the records in the data table are actually on display (top right hand of display).

view report

Sorting the inner column detail

Pressing the "Sort" button will bring you to the following screen where you may define further sorting criteria.

You will be presented with a dropdown of the fields in the relevant data table.

view report

Filtering data for display

If so have a need to limit the number of records on display, use the "Filter" button to bring you to the following screen, where you may define your selection criteria.

view report

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Using the fiter criteria

  • Select a field that you wish to filter on
  • Select an operator for that field
  • Select the "Data" to define the filter.

view report

We recommend that you always commence your filtering by using an indexed field if one exists against the data table. This will ensure expedient data retrieval.

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