Changing Rate of Leave Accrual

I just run a AL report and have found the leave is accruing a lot more than what it should be for 3 people:

Therefore, We did changed the hours/ week from 30 to 38 and Hours P/A from 1560 to 1976 from employment type as we have employees who is PPT but works more than 30 hours per week

Defining the requirement

We refer you to the manner in which you define accurals in Powerforce Payroll

They are a combination of:

  1. 'employment type' (PPT in this instance) and
  2. 'pay class' ($20.00 / hour as an example) and
  3. 'leave accrual definition' (1560 in this example)

In the issue reported, the customer has identified that the 3 employees need a different rate of accural (1976 hours)

Noting: The pay rate and accrual rate of any employee is defined in the "pay class", you need to create a new pay class for the 3 employees in question to set their leave accruals at the new required rate.

If your 3 employees are each on 3 different pay classes, you need to repeat the above for each pay class (as this is the lowest common denominator for the definition of different rates of leave accrual)

Making the change