Managing allowance codes


This window is used to define allowances or deductions codes within the system. You have the flexibility to manage every aspect of how the system calculates and manages allowance and deduction codes.

Getting There:

[ System Codes] –> Payroll / Earning Codes / Allowance Codes


You then set an allowance / deduction for an employee in “Biographical / Personal Rates / Deductions Tab / Edit Button”.
Once set the payroll module will make a pay adjustment for the allowance or deduction.


allowance codes



You can select to have a fixed amount every pay or a per hour rate.

Pay Code Equivalent

This box contains a list of methodologies for applying the allowance.

Pay Adjustment Deduction

This is only checked to make a deduction from an over paid employee gross pay.

Group Certificate Box

This field define the location on the Group Certificate where this value will be reported.


Select which functions will include this allowance in their calculation.

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