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This document outlines the steps to create a file for the electronic Tax File Number (TFN) declaration to the ATO for new employees.

Getting There:

[ Nav ] –> Payroll / TFN Declaration


The process commences with the selection of the Employment date post which you wish to submit TFN's to the ATO. Select an inclusive date from the dropdown. The date will represent those employees employes since the selected date.

tfn declaration

Once you have selected the date, press the "Select employees .." button, which will display a popup similar to the image below, listing those employees employed since the selected date, with a tax file number declared in the system, and with the notation that the employee has given permission for their tax file number to be declared. Otherwise the employee will not show up on the popup.

tfn declaration

You may then use the "Select All" button to select all of the listed employees or you may selectively pick and choose which employee to process. Press OK to acknowledge your selection, whereupon the selected entries will be copied to the main form (as below).

Press "Create TFN Extract" to generate the file for transfer to the ATO.


tfn declaration

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