Powerforce Single Touch Payroll (STP) Module

Powerforce Software is currently working through the process of ATO accrediation for STP processing (ATO terms this white-listing),
And, as an additional ATO requirement for STP, Powerforce Software is working towards ISO27001 accreditation.

Do you need the STP module?

Technical Detail

Powerforce STP is a new module, enhancing our current payroll to conform with the new stringent ATO requirements
Powerforce Software have partnered with MessageXchange (MX) to act as the processing gateway to the ATO (similar to your Superannuation clearing house).

- MX have as recently as 08/05/18 been white-listed (certified) by the ATO to process STP payroll

As a result of these new imposts for STP processing, there will be new costs added to your current licence charges

STP Module Database Conversion Costs

  1. To set you up for STP processing, there will be a one off charge ($880.00) for database duplication and re-configuration per each of your ABN entity companies

  2. There will be an additional on-going (additional to your current licence costs) cost of $0.88 per PAYG employee per month (active or not during the fiscal period)

  3. Any employee active or not that is due a PAYG at years end is a chargeable employee for the purposes of STP.

  4. Active in the period : means that if an employee is terminated 6 months into the financial year, and hence inactive, he / she still counts as 1 for the purposes of STP. They come off the STP count in the following year.

  5. Hence why the STP is an additional $0.88 to the current employee count (the logic of which remains the same)

    o 20 staff are terminated -> you can add 20 new employees to record count at no cost.
    o 20 staff are added to replace above & 10 are STP -> the 10 STP is in addition to whatever you're paying in STP at the moment.

         So in effect, the only time the STP count can come down is at the start of a new next year.
Database & Company setup scenario STP Cost
1 DB, 1 Company Yes $ 880
1 DB, 2 Company (1 ABN) Yes $ 880
1 DB, 2 Company (2 ABN) Yes (2) 2 x $880
1 DB, 2 Company (2 ABN) No $0
2 DB, 2 Company (2 ABN) Yes (4) 4 x $800
10 DB, 5 Company (1 ABN) Yes (5) 5 x $880

Status of STP Development