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The PowerForce rostering system allows you to manage all aspects of the the work requirements for an outlet (location, site) with the availability of your staff..

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Rostering involves placing suitably experienced employees in locations to work specific shifts across a period whether it is a day, week, fortnight or month. The work done through rostering has a flow down effect to areas such as Payroll and Billing.

It is very important to ensure that everything to do with rostering and its management is accurate.

Whilst the overview looks simple, the fact is that not all schedules happen according to plan, and it's here in the management of these anomalies that PowerForce excels.

Your staff will call in sick, they will not turn up to the job - causing you to find a suitable replacement, etc etc.

We will demonstrate how to manage these various scenarios by demonstrating the behind the scenes results when shifts are manipulated accordingly.


Using the scheduling workbench

In PowerForce, we define the task by creating a client and then defining work schedules for that client These PowerForce is built around “ROSTERING”. The user can create a roster and then from this employees can be paid and clients billed. Before we start to practice different scenarios within the Scheduling module through our workshops it is important to familiarise yourself with the main screen players. - PowerForce Navigator This screen represents the face of PowerForce. It is from the Navigator that all processes are accessed. 2 - Scheduling Workbench The Scheduling Workbench is the main entry screen to managing allrostering functions. This window uses the data collected in the Client Work Schedules window and displays it as a series of un-allocated shifts. Employees are then assigned to shifts creating an employee schedule template structure that is used to generate employee schedules over and over, rather than assigning employees to schedules every week. This window is used to generate weeks of a “Standard Schedule” created in the “Maintain Standard Schedules” window. Throughout the workshop sessions you will be provided with scenario’s to work through, giving you the opportunity to practice whilst utilising the key features in the Scheduling module within PowerForce. In the first scenario we will be looking at how to set-up a simple roster for three people, working 8 hours per day (40 hours per week) across Monday to Friday. In the Navigator click on “Scheduling” then “Time Scheduling Workbench” 2.Choose a week ending date 3.Choose a location from the drop down box as seen below 4.Now you are going to add three employees and assign them shifts. 5.It is important to note that before you assign the employees you must first click on the “Site” tab as shown below 6.Click in the first cell and then click the 7.A screen will pop up as follows - Select an Employee


8.For the purpose of this scenario choose employee 01 Debbie Hill, Tab across and click Ok 9.The screen should now appear like this 10.To assign shifts to Debbie, double click in the Monday cell and a booking screen will appear as follows 11.Enter in a Book Start and End time and also a Post Start and End Time (For example: 09:00 to 17:00) and click Ok


12.Continue this process for the rest of the week until the screen appears like this 13.Let’s assume that the client needs two other employees to fill shifts Monday to Friday between 16:00 to 00:00 and 23:00 to 07:00.


14.Repeat the steps above to assign 02 James Boagsto the 16:00 to 00:00 shifts and 03 Kevin Bakerto the shifts of 23:00 to 17:00 15.Click the >tab to refresh the view 16.The screen should now appear as follows 17.Now that shifts have been assigned, you are now able to utilise the Reporting facilities to view and print Employee Rosters and obtain Costing Reports such as the Pre-Payrun and Pre-Invoice Report. 18.Click on the “Reports” icon located at the top of the screen 19.You can now choose which Reports you would like to view and print from the following menu - Report Selection 20.For the purposes of printing an Employee Roster, select “Scheduling Reports” and click Ok 21.A screen will appear as follows 18 22.Choose a week ending date and click Run 23.You will now see a Scheduling Report listing the three employees and their assigned shifts - Scheduling Report Now that you have gained an understanding of how to create a simple roster in PowerForce, it is now time to use Maintain Standard Schedules in order to assign the same three employees as in the previous workshop to shifts in a much more timely and efficient manner. Maintain Standard Schedules allows you to assign employees to shifts forming a schedule template. The template is then used to generate the same roster as many times as is needed. This feature is ideal for maintaining low maintenance repeating schedules. In this next scenario we will practice assigning the 3 employees to work a 3-week cycle with each employee working a week on days, afternoons and nights. 1.In the Navigator click on “Scheduling” then “Maintain Standard Schedules”


2.The following window will appear - Standard Schedules The screen will now look like this 21 5.Click and select Multiple Rotation as shown below 22 6.Change “Rotation/Cycle” to 3 which will allow the employees to rotate between days, afternoons and nights 7.   Change “Last Rotated Cycle” to 3 as this indicates the last rotation generated as a roster was rotation 3 of 3, so the next to be generated will be 1 of 3. 8.   Click Save 9. The screen will go back to being blank. Type “HMC SEC” in and then press “Tab” and the bottom left corner will now say “Rotation 1 of 3” as seen below 23 10.Double Click in the first blank row in the “Employee” column and the following “Allocation Options” will appear 24 11.Click Add Employee and Ok 12.For the purpose of this scenario, choose 01 Debbie Hilland then click Ok 13.You can now see that Debbie has been added to the Employee List 25 Rostering from an Employee viewpoint 14.Now click each of the 5 “DAY” shifts (row 2) as per the below screen 15.Click the right arrow at the bottom left of the window to show the second week in the schedule cycle 16.For this second week, click each of the 5 “AFT” shifts (row 3) 17.Now click the right arrow at the bottom left of the window to show the third week in the scheduling cycle 18.For the third week, click each of the 5 “NIG” shifts (row 4) 19.Now you can go ahead and assign these shifts by highlighting Debbie Hill and clicking the button 20.Debbie Hill has now been allocated Week 1 of Days, Week 2 of Afternoons and Week 3 of Nights 21.This can be checked if you highlight Debbie Hill and then click the tab and the screen will appear as follows 27 22.Repeat the above process for using the remaining shifts for 02 James Boags and 03 Keith Baker 23.Click Save when finished

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