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Previously we've seen that there are a number of major parts to the scheduling workbench (SWB). In this document we will detail the use of the rest of the data on the SWB.

Getting There:

[ NAV ] –> Scheduling / Scheduling Workbenches

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Selecting Roster Locations & Employees

You select your available roster locations by means of the dropdown as shown below:

roster locations

Once the dropdown is showing all the names, you may start typing the name, the display will auto-locate what you are typing. If you happen to have 100's of sites and the dropdown is lenghty and cluttered, you may select that the dropdown only display those locations beginning with a certain letter as per our example "T".

The name display in the dropdown is governed by what you have defined in your user preferences - allowing you to display by Business or Generic name.

Roster Location Buttons

Open - will bring up the Client Site Details screen for the current site that you're viewing.

Notes - will allow you to set reminder notes relating to this client site, so that each time you open this site, the system will display the notes you've made. The data is also used in a number of reports via employee roster printouts.

Google It - will (if you have the Internet connected) connect to Google Maps based on the address in the Client Site details.

Phone - will bring up the contact details relating to the site, to speed up access to contact details.

Period Display

By default the SWB grid display 7 days of data at a time. You may change this by selecting one of the other available values. When you select 14 or 30 days, a drag control will be display at the bottom of the grid so that you may move the period days into view.

period selection

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Changing the view(s)

You have the ability to change the display in the main grid by altering the "View" through which you see the data.

change views

Operating on a Shift

These buttons allow you to perform certain operations on the shift which you have in focus.

shift operations

� P Shift � Make a permanent shift

� Cancel � Cancel the select shift

� Book � Book a New Shift

� Edit � Edit the currently selected shift�s details

� Replace � Replace the employee on selected shift with another employee.

� Add � Add Employee to this week�s schedule, so that you can assign them a shift.

This and more functionality is also available if you right-click on a shift, as per below:

right click

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