Please NOTE: These patches are for licensed clients of Powerforce.

  • The software patches will only work against valid licence numbers.
  • Therefore unless licensed DO NOT download & / or apply these patches as they WILL disable your system.
Date Description ( Resolved Issues / New ) link
    31/12/12 pf_patch_c366.exe readme
12/11/12 pf_patch_cc17.exe  readme
05/09/12 pf_patch_c249.exe readme
13/08/12 blank_system_120813 - renamed mmscstm- so that overwrite on existing copy of system does not trash original mmscstm. [P] pf_patch_c225.exe  
     treesize.exe - download to view graphics of disk use  
01/08/12 pf_email_payslips -  
25/07/12 pf_patch_c207.exe readme
06/07/12 pf_patch_c173.exe  
28/06/12 [S] client_workshift_report_sub - no_report_flag to setup data & not call report
[S] mpd_verify_css_cna - verify client_std_schedule vs cna
26/06/12 pf_taxtables_2012 - Tax Tables for 2012/13
pf_2012_group_cert - Group Certificate print for 2011/12. NB changed due to SC cancellation.
20/06/12 pf_patch_c173.exe - readme
31/05/12 pf_patch_c152.exe - Need to apply table update to MASDATA. See readme for details readme
30/05/12 pf_patch_c151.exe readme
13/05/12 pf_2012_patch_134.exe  
07/05/12 pf_2012_patch_128.exe readme
07/05/12 pf_2012_patch_127.exe
[S] mpd_acs_update_licences - raw read of excel, update licences from previous report output
[S] repbil10 - (EDMEN) SACS invoicing detail for NSW
[S] nv_limit_dates - check seq of date ranges, & limit dates to sensible values
04/05/12 pf_2012_patch_125.exe
26/04/12 Generic reports: pf_generic_reports_c117.exe  
  pf_2012_patch_c117.exe readme
22/04/12 nps_paylips_c114.exe [ROBUCK] client specific.
Do not print licence expiry notice on payslips. Formats 2D & email only.

[T] license_types - requires <4> CATEGORY added to DICT.

Patch has 2 x payslip programs, the details of helpdesk item have been reverted & no longer apply.
17/04/12 table_update_c108.exe. Updates [T] ROSTER_TYPE. This update must be applied for the c108 patch to function.  
17/04/12 pf_2012_patch_c108.exe This patch needs a table update for [T] ROSTER_TYPE. Added new field for dashboard processing.  
16/04/12 pf_reports_c107.exe Baseline reports in single patch. readme
10/04/12 pf_2012_patch_c101.exe [S] export_micropay_acs  
28/03/12 pf_2012_patch_c088.exe [S] EPS_PAYMENTS patch  
26/03/12 pf_2012_patch_c086.exe (ACS + GUI enhancements)  
23/03/12 SRP controls for advanced GUI. (.zip version) (.rar version)
Note: you must obtain the licence key from Envizion direct.
22/03/12 pf_2012_patch_c081.exe. [W,P] SBS_CODES  
21/03/12 mfs.exe - RTC MFS. Only set this for [T] RTC. You need to manually create the [T] wwa_log. link
19/03/12 pf_2012_patch_c079.exe - programming enhancements. link
13/03/12 Blank 8.x system - patched to c073d.
The purpose behind this is to lay down a clean *.ov, *.lk base onto which these patches will work. Patching a generic system will disable the patches from updating & you will not be able to start OI.
13/03/12 pf_2012_patch_c073.exe. GUI enhancements (GL components) link
6/3/12 pf_2012_patch_c066.exe
[S] replace_shift_sub - replace sub-contractors failed to return @ID between windows. New company wizard - limit to 3 companies.
3/3/12 pf_patch_2012_c063. [S] micropay_export_acs + supporting routines link
2/3/12 pf_patch_2012_c062.
[S]User_setup_sub aborting with UAV. [S] standard_roster_treeview_func DEBUG left in code.
  Clean SYSLISTS (rev30010.*) link
  Table Update  
1/3/12 pf_patch_2012_c060 (29/02/12) link

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