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Starting with the Time Sheet Entry(@ Georgiou)

The Citrix logon

The TimeSheet logon

Getting Started

Export TimeSheet Data

Time Sheet Entry(@ Georgiou)

[nvt_001] Daily Plant TimeSheet Entry

[nvt_002] Daily Plant TimeSheet Entry (proto)

[nvt_004] Site TimeSheet Entry

[nvt_005] Hours Re-allocation (emps/subcontractors)

[nvt_006] Hours Re-allocation (employees)

[nvt_007] Employee Timesheets (proto)

Supporting Functions

[nvu_001] Import Codes / Sync DB

[nvu_003] Preference Selection

[nvu_004] Export Timesheets to Timberline

[nvu_005] Adhoc Report viewer

[nvu_006] Timesheet Reports

[nvu_007] Move Plant between Jobs

[nvu_008] Export EQ, JC, Revenue

[nvu_009] Entering Annual Leave

[nvu_010] Plant Hours EQ Reversal

[nvu_011] Set non-revenue hours (bulk)

[nvu_012] Enter miscellaneous leave

[nvu_013] Timeshee Enquiries screen


Site Time Sheet Entry (Web)

Set Payroll Week Ending date

Base OI Installation

ClientInstall.exe (per workstation)

SRP Tools Installation

NVZN Specific add-ons

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Timesheet Technical Details

Stage I Requirements

Timesheets Project Requirements

Timesheets Functional Specification

Georgiou Companies

Data input formats

Data output formats

Data Input (Ancillary forms)

Time Sheet Entry (nvt_001)

Daily Time Sheet Entry (nvt_002)

Daily Time Sheet Entry (nvt_004)

System Specification (Project Details)

Stage I

Stage II

Technical Support

Infrastructure Requirements for Deployment

DB Maintenance Procedures (setup)

Data Mapping from Timberline

DB Sync: Timberline to Timesheet

End of Period Data Archive

Deployment Infrastructure (WIP)

Backup & Restore Procedures (WIP)

Internal data structures - categories

Software Updates

Change Request Form.

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