This video is an excellent description of what / how to setup a youtube studio for recording.

Entire Youtube Studio Setup ON ONE DESK!#

Entire Youtube Studio Setup ON ONE DESK!

Check out this entire youtube camera setup on a single desk! Gear links below. My Camera Guides: 0:00 - Introduction 1:02 - Why Build This? 1:56 - Parts List 5:02 - Build Guide 9:52 - Example Shots

Sony A6400 Camera Amazon (PAID LINK): B&H:

Canon M50 (Alternative camera option) Amazon (PAID LINK): B&H:

Sigma 16mm F1.4 E Mount Lens Amazon (PAID LINK): B&H: Canon EF-M Version on B&H:

Vesa Arm System (Main Unit) Amazon (PAID LINK):

Second Vesa Arm (For Audio) Amazon (PAID LINK):

Third Vesa Arm (Long Version for Lighting) Amazon (PAID LINK):

Tripod Screws Amazon (PAID LINK):

Tripod Extension Pole Amazon (PAID LINK):

Tripod Head Amazon (PAID LINK):

Microphone Arm Amazon (PAID LINK):

Rode VideoMicro Amazon (PAID LINK): B&H:

3.5mm Extension Cable Amazon (PAID LINK):

Optional Ball Mount for Mic Amazon (PAID LINK):

1x2 LED Light (FL-3060 or FL-1x2 LED Mat Light) Amazon (PAID LINK): Looks like it is going in and out of stock. You can save a little by getting the daylight only model.

Ball Head for LED light Amazon (PAID LINK):


Camera Power Supply Sony version I used can be found here on Amazon (PAID LINK):

CamLink HDMI USB Capture Card Amazon (PAID LINK): B&H:

Boling P1 LED Light Amazon (PAID LINK): B&H:

OBS Software - Great way to record your videos right to your computer:

Another more function full setup#

Ultimate Video Studio Desk Setup!